Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child’s special day with an unforgettable football-themed birthday party hosted by our dedicated team. Our football training company brings the excitement and energy of the beautiful game right to your doorstep.

What makes our Birthday Parties Special?

Expert Coaching: Our birthday parties are led by experienced football coaches who bring their passion and expertise to create a memorable and engaging experience for every child. Action-Packed Games: We offer a range of exciting football games and activities that are designed to entertain and challenge young participants, keeping them active and entertained throughout the celebration. Inclusive Environment: We ensure a safe and inclusive environment where children of all skill levels can participate, fostering teamwork, cooperation, and a sense of accomplishment among the young players.

Our company combines the expertise of professional football coaches with the excitement of interactive games and engaging activities. We create a dynamic environment where children not only have fun but also develop essential football skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. With ProScore Academy, you can expect personalized attention, a safe and inclusive atmosphere, and a seamless organization of the entire event. Let us make your child’s birthday truly special, memorable, and filled with football fun.

Pro Fives, Paisley
Package 1: Championship Package (£140 for 10 Kids)
Package 2: Premiership Package (£190 for 10 Kids)
Package 3: World Cup Package (£260 for 10 Kids)

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